Pathways to Employment for School Leavers

Prestasi Junior Indonesia is pleased to announce its partnership with the JPMorgan Chase Foundation to improve work readiness and work placement opportunities for school leavers. The pilot program, known as Pathways to Employment, is a comprehensive undertaking involving 170 young people between the ages of 18-22 located in the industrial area of Cikarang. With the assistance of Akademi Teknik Mesin Indonesia and META ATMI Didactic students will be selected to participate in technical and soft skills training for periods of up to six months followed  by placement in internships within industry. The objective is to ensure these young Indonesians (male and female) are provided with the expertise necessary to achieve skilled employment. PJI is pleased to have Vina Fitriani, a student company alumni, join us as manager of the initiative. Her experience within PJI,  together with an engineering background  and familiarity with the culture and education of the target population, will be an extremely positive asset as we move forward with this exciting new undertaking.