The US State Department Innovation Roadshow Visits State Vocational School 6 Jakarta

The State Department launched the first segment of its “American Innovation Roadshow” across Asia at State Vocational High School 6 Jakarta on March 4. This is part of the initiative announced by Secretary of State John Kerry during his speech on “America and the Asia-Pacific: Partners in Prosperity” in Singapore.

The Roadshow showcased the American brand of innovation and entrepreneurship with the objective of promoting shared prosperity and inclusive growth. Speaking to and inspiring students during the afternoon was Mr. Robert Blake (US Ambassador to Indonesia), Ms. Kristen Foster (Director of Government Relations eBay Australia, New Zealand & Japan, Acting Head GR South East Asia), Deborah Magid (Director Software Strategy, IBM Venture Capital Group) and Sati Rasuanto (Managing Director, Endeavor Indonesia).

The Roadshow has three objectives: to highlight American approaches to entrepreneurship as embodied in the experiences of the delegation members; to engage with Asian entrepreneurs to strengthen their ties to America’s innovation and entrepreneurship communities; and to encourage local and national governments in Asia to develop regulatory environments that foster innovation, attract investors, and create jobs.

Nurturing innovation and new business formation in international markets is critical for achieving inclusive and sustainable economic growth, and will also increase opportunities for U.S. businesses overseas. The students at State Vocational School 6 have learnt about entrepreneurship with the support of the Citi Foundation over the last two years. The visit by the Innovation Roadshow was, therefore, an excellent fit for these student entrepreneur pioneers as they begin their own micro-enterprises.

The American Innovation Roadshow builds on the momentum of the U.S.-ASEAN Special Leaders’ Summit during which President Obama hosted the ASEAN leaders in a session on innovation and entrepreneurship and announced a related new initiative: U.S.-ASEAN Connect