Can you help us find Prestasi Junior Indonesia Program Alumni?

Prestasi Junior Indonesia (PJI) is always looking for ways to demonstrate the diverse and significant benefits of Junior Achievement’s Programs. Rigorous past evaluations in many countries(pre and post test) have shown that participation in the programs increased the knowledge of the participants related to financial literacy, entrepreneurship aspiration, and work readiness.

But what happens once they leave the schools?

Several programs have been run by PJI since 1995. We want to track down these trailblazers and other past students from PJI Programs by setting up a REGISTRATION process which will enable us to learn about how the programs have impacted lives on their lives and their approach to finance and business world. We are also looking for ways to connect alumni in Indonesia with each other in order to create an alumni community. Recent PJI Program graduates are also welcome to register, share their thoughts, and join the community.

Are You an Alumni?
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