High School Programs
Student Company

Students begin their own micro-enterprise with the support of business volunteers.
The most popular entrepreneur education initiative culminating in an Asia Pacific Company of the Year Competition.

STEM from Blackberry

Innovation Camp focusing on Science, Technology Engineering, Math skills in the mission of producing a product/service.
Indonesia one of 13 countries to run this competition in 2013 supported by BB volunteers.

Social Innovation Relay from Hewlett Packard

200 teams will compete for six notebooks in a new program focusing on social initiatives.
On Line involving a national and international competition focusing on the development of a product or service with positive social benefits.

Careers With a Purpose

Students learn to use ethical decision-making skills to make career and life decisions. They discover that their career can have a noble purpose by reviewing their values and life maxims.

Business Ethics

Scandals in the business world have eroded public confidence. PJI Business Ethics is designed to foster ethical decision-making in students as they prepare to enter the workforce.
Students learn to recognize, analyze, and apply basic terminology, theories, and concepts common to the study of ethics.

Be Entrepreneurial

Focuses on challenging students, through interactive classroom activities, to start their own entrepreneurial venture while still in high school.

JA Personal Finance

JA Personal Finance focuses on: earning money; spending money wisely through budgeting; saving and investing money; using credit cautiously; and protecting one’s personal finances. Five required, volunteer-led sessions. Twenty-four additional teacher-led sessions available when using the NEFE program.