My name is Angela Rompis and i am a fashionpreneur who owns a New York based clothing line, C by AngelI started my journey at with PJI (Prestasi Junior Indonesia/Junior Achievement Indonesia) on 2015 as a president director of “Double U” Student Company, an accessories company (SnapBag) from SMA Plus Pembangunan Jaya.

Participating the Student Company program was a one of very life changing program and lesson. Through this program, we are going into the real life business experience by creating our own company. I created my clothing line during the beginning of this program and this JA program really help me throughout my business journey. Creating my clothing line was more about innovation and entrepreneurship, but being a president director at the student company was a different story. As a director of our student company (Double U SC), i had to take responsibilities towards all the 5 divisions (marketing, production, human resource development, finance, and corporate social responsibility), which means i had to understand those 5 fields ion order to supervise. It was not an easy work, but thankfully, Junior Achievement Indonesia (PJI) provided us a great and very helpful guidance from the PJI’s instructor in our school. This program really emphasize on the importance of a great teamwork and networking to create a successful company, but most importantly, it taught me not to become a boss, but to become a leader. Throughout and after the program, PJI always provide the students & alumni with the best and wonderful opportunity and connect us with the many great influental people for our future, networking, and experience. For me, PJI program has become a great influence on my clothing line until i can start my business here in New York City and join international fashion show and exhibition. Even until now, PJI connects me with JA Worldwide who gave me the opportunity that really helps me improve my career. I am also very honored to be the part of JA 100 Lives Project, truly make me do my best to inspire people the way Junior Achievement has inspired me. Thank you Prestasi Junior Indonesia, for your best and endless support for us and your dedication to create a better nation and generation. Becoming a Junior Achievement alumni is one of the greatest honor and pride in my life.