I am Nyi Mas Gianti Bingah Erbiana but people call me Ghea. Currently, I am on study leave from my office, PT Krama Yudha Ratu Motor (Mitsubishi Vehicle Assembling Company) in Indonesia where I serve as Legal Head and Compliance Secretary.

1. A little information about yourself. Where you studied and what you are doing now. Maybe a little about your dynamic character (because I remember you well due to your positive and energetic approach to life).

I am Nyi Mas Gianti Bingah Erbiana but people call me Ghea. Currently, I am on study leave from my office, PT Krama Yudha Ratu Motor (Mitsubishi Vehicle Assembling Company) in Indonesia where I serve as Legal Head and Compliance Secretary, pursuing my master of law (LL.M) at University of California, Davis – School of Law (King Hall). Subsequently, I will work in Mitsubishi International Corporation in New York once I graduate. Taking law degree with specializing in business and commercial law has been one of my dream. It started to grow since my involvement in PJI program (Student Company named CEPot’S at SMAN 1 Bogor). I find a strong connection between business and law. How law is governed in operating the company to achieve its goal. In my understanding, a company is not only about how it can earn profit but a company should be an agent of change that creates ethical behavior of its stakeholders and social awareness in the scope of giving back to society through its product and social activities. Therefore, in creating such goal, law provides tools in the form of rules and regulation (code of conduct) that has to be respected by the business players.


2. What was your involvement with Prestasi Junior Indonesia programs – where/when. What did you do as President of the company – did you export products? Did you make products and sell locally?

I joined the student company in 2004 as financial staff in the Department of Finance which subsequently became President in the following year. During my term of service as President, we have succeeded earning more than 100% profit, participating in the National Business Simulation, but we could not conducting export due to some technical problem in communication. Replacing our export activity, we focused on creating new activities that not only earning profit but also developed our creativities. We produced new products such as fresh nuggets and chicken to be sold to community around our school and also we held the event called “Kebun (Kreativity Ibu dan Anak)” or creativity for Mothers and Children where we combined the event by holding cooking demo and bazaar for the mothers and drawing competitions for children. The event was extremely successful which participated by hundreds participants. Since then, this event have been continuously held as annual activity of CEPot’S.


3. As a person has the experience been of assistance for you in terms of personal growth. If so, how did this manifest itself and how have you benefitted?

The experience that I gained from this program has influenced me both professionally and personally. For the first time I learned about leadership and professionalism which reflected on the organization activity. The best moment that I had was when I needed to decide new things as replacement of the failing export. At that time, I need to decide immediately the resource of earning for the company. After discussing with the team, I took the risk by creating new
event that eventually was successful. Having this experience, I also was able to be admitted in Faculty of Law of University of Indonesia by invitation (without any test) due to the achievement I had as one of them I believe was the contribution I gave in the student company. Moreover, I was able to understand more about management such as ideas collection and execution of it by working together with my team that up to present has helped me a lot in
doing my daily work at my current office. Personally, I found an enjoyment working with my team as we could create excellent products, launch programs that benefitted our organization. I also felt grateful because I could learn various characteristic from each of amazing members in my team, interesting challenge that were very essential in creating solid relationship for good development of the company.


4. What are your plans for the future? Has your experience as President of a student company
had an influence on what you are doing now and what you may be doing in the future?

I have a huge dream of creating a good place for everyone to work which means it creates not only good products but also good people. “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”- John Maxwell. Based on that quotes, I believe that through good management such as compliance program and implementing ethical work in a place where I work, I hope I could contribute more in the development of law business and ethical management. As we know that we spend more time in office every day, therefore creating convenience and respectful place to work is a must because it will directly influence people’s behavior socially. This also can elevate the trust of the people in the women leadership (since I am woman). I also have a passion in writing which I hope one day I can write something and share my idea about ethical business and social issue to others through my book. Since I love children too, I am thinking about building kindergarten or pre-school in future so that I am able to educate the young generation at the very early ages.